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Dispatched for victuals for the captain’s table or canvas for a sail blown away in a storm, gigs were invaluable when in port or moored outside. Referred to as rowboats by land-bound folk, a gig was easy to lower overboard, needed minimum crew, and was quick to dispatch. When stowed, it nested in the long boat or pilot boat secured in the center of the main deck. Our lapstrake (overlapping strips of wood) gigs are not seaworthy, but they most certainly look like it! Clinker build, they add flair and atmosphere to any room, and display shelves turn them into fun cabinets and bookcases.

In still an interior with a nautical air using this AUTHENTIC MODELS Canoe Bookcase. Resembling half a canoe boat, this unusual bookshelf is characterized by its ascending bow and hull shelves which echo the position of the boat’s details such as the yoke, thwarts and boat seats. At well over 2-metres high, this canoe bookcase is part storage, part statement. The arches of the wooden frame will make a striking decorative piece that can be Emphasize using curated and carefully chosen home accessories – from model sailing ships and books about fishing to photo frames and faux flowers.


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