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Some hold that the Whitehall rowing boat design was introduced from England. This wooden dinghy was completely handcrafted and takes about 600-800 hours to build. We still use the traditional method of constructions while integrating the highest quality of materials currently available.

Strips of cedars are joined together by hand and then encapsulated in fiberglass bonded in place with epoxy resin then coated with marine vanish.

This combination of fiberglass and epoxy is very strong and completely transparent so that the beauty of the wood will be protected for generations. Length : 17 feet beam: 53.5 Inches bow depth: 33 inches. Mid height: 20 inches transom dim: 28.5 H x 30 w. Max horse power: 30 weight: 225lbs capacity: 4 or more people.


Old Moden Handicrafts


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