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About this canoe: this canoe is for display only. This canoe was 100% handcrafted by experienced and skillful boat builder.

It was made of Canadian western red cedar and encapsulated in fiberglass. Although this item was made the same way as we would make a full size one, this is used only for display due to its small size.

We have 12 foot -18 foot canoe that are available for paddling on the water. Features – stunning beautiful clear graded cedar hull. – fiberglass adds important tensile strength and abrasion resistance to the wood. – 100% western red cedar make our boats surprisingly light weight. – ribs make our canoe stronger and prettier. – paddle is included boat dim: l 118.5″, W: 26.25″, And bow height: 16″. Mid height:8 inches. Weight: 27lbs.


Old Moden Handicrafts


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